My Skills & My Meds

Here are some skills that I have gained through therapy and a lot of effort. Be advised: These skills take time and effort to achieve. Nothing is ever a quick fix.

​My Skills 

​1 - RATE - Is this a situation to freak out about ? Ask yourself ? Or ask someone to rate the situation for you if your unable to do so.

2 - RATIONALIZE - As hard as it may be to attain this skill, it is possible with time and training. Again, if you find it easier to get someone to help you, then do so. I had to at first. This skill is not easy to achieve by any means ! However, thinking clearly about a situation helps decrease the intensity and promotes a faster resolution (an answer).

3 - DISTRACT - Paint (I'm an avid painter it helps me relax), Read, do some housework, go have a hot bath, listen to music, take a walk.
If you can't solve the issue right now, do something, anything to distract yourself from thinking about it for a while. Again a skill attained through practice.

Here are a couple of albums that I find extremely relaxing. Nick Drake is my all time favorite artist. Great to have a hot bath to. I could LIVE in the bathtub :





















4 - MEDICATE - It's very important to have a open mind and take your medications very consistently for it to reach the level of full effectiveness. Try and try again to find the right combination with your doctor. Be truthful with your doctor about what's going on inside your body.

5 - A SNIPPET OF MY TRUTH - The faster you realize how to master your thoughts, the faster the answers will come to you. It is also important to take therapy and relate it to your life as if it were made for you personally. This theory is pretty close to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, but note the disclaimer. Do what works for you. 

Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Yes They SUCK ! Dealing with a panic attack is by no means easy! I bow my head to those reading this that have been down that road.  It's a very physical reaction. Like an alien taking over your body. Shaking, jitters, pacing ! That's what it's like for me. I am going to be very honest here and say that I still have panic attacks usually followed by depression. This lasts for days, possibly weeks and for Borderlines it's extremely emotional as well. I have about 2 or 3 panic attacks a year. Really good ones too. 


They don't happen very often anymore because of the medication I take. When things get really hard though I go talk to my doctor and I usually get a very small dose of Xanax to help me get through. This makes a HUGE difference in coping with times that seem unbearable. 



My Current Medication

Like I said above I am not a doctor but I will update my current medications and explain why they have helped my recovery. What do they do for me ?

Seroquel (Quetiapine)
I take it at night. It's a sleep-aid and an antipsychotic. My experience with it has been rewarding. At first I felt really drowsy for about
3 weeks then I normed out. It's a tricky medication to get used to but I found it really improved my daily life by clearing my thoughts and helping me to reason in high stress situations.


I also take this at night , it's an anti-depressant used for anxiety and also can be used for treatment of neuropathic pain Fibromayalgia.

In order to get the right medication for yourself, talk to your doctor.










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