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This page is full of videos not only focused on Borderline, but other disorders. such as : Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Current studies of the mind, Depression, Conciousness and even current studies in Social Politics and Mental Health (This link is for Canada). I've done 1000's of hours of research and have come across some VERY WISE individuals. Between David Brooks speaking of Social Politics and the power clear decision making through emotions, to John Searle speaking of Conciousness and what it means to humans on a day to day basis. I have found these talks imparative to my recovery, by opening my mind even more to different theories on human nature. To except that God made me just right. Que Sera, Sera ! I have found these talks very helpful in understanding different disorders, and how they made it through. 


These people are extremely brave to put themselves out there for the sake of knowledge and I have dedicated a page to get their opinions. I have also attached links to their names, to their direct websites to get more information. I'm sure that you will find this information very helpful ! 

​Marsha Linehan - Founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, founded in 1989 - She has made a therapy specifically for Borderline Personality Disorder that has been a stepping stone in medical research and with the best results so far.

Antonio Damasio - Is a University Professor and a leading Neuroscientist.
Also author of several books describing his scientific thinking. Below is a video
of him giving a lecture on rcent studies of neuroscience, imaging the brain and it's activity.

The Last Taboo : A survival guide for Mental Illness in Canada. Giving answers both for disorders, treatment, and medications used to treat.

I found this book easy to read, simple and good to have around if you want to quickly get information on something invovling mental health. 

Written by - Scott Simmie and Julia Nunes (VERY GOOD!)

Temple Grandin- Diagnosed with Autism. She's a Psychologist, an animal scientist and has her doctorate in animal science. Even though she had all of these degrees people still judged her because of what was on the outside. She studied the behavior of cattle while attending several universities. She went on to designed the now very widely used adapted curve corral system used for cattle to reduce stress and injury leading up to slaughter. Now believe me I know that not everyone likes or even supports this invention due to their vegetarian lifestyles, however, to think that a mind once labelled as "out of service" is now one of the founders of the most humane and efficient beef production systems to date. This lady needs a serious pat on the back from the world that she's not receiving. Above is her insightful TED talk. Enjoy!




Glennon Doyle Melton- Author of Carry On, Warrior : The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life. She travels speaking on a variety of topics. She speaks about her past and struggles in life, how she got throught it, and her inpirational insight on reacting to both good and bad situations in life.

My favorite quote of hers:

"Sitting with the pain and joy of being a human being while refusing to run for any exits, is the ONLY way to become a real human being".



Joshua Walters - Actor/Comedian/Writer/Producer, is disgnosed Bi-polar. I find this talk like a breath of fresh air on a damp subject. I find him quite funny and uplifting about his diagnoses and it's rare to see another on the other side of recovery, such as myself. He talks about how he found out he had bi-polar, what happened, what he did, then and now.

I do believe the best is yet to come of this intelliigent youth. 


Alison Ledgerwood - Social Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at University of California . Ledgerwood talks of the ups and downs of life and how often we get stuck in the negatives for longer periods of time, than the positives. She conducted several experiments to observe this hypothesis and the outcome of each experiment.

When i saw the video on these experiments , the experiments are super simple experiments done on two groups of people; however, the outcome of each is really very interesting. 

Ledgerwood describes what this study has meant to her and how it has changed her views on how to view the negatives of life. She gives tips on how to change this form of thinking and I'm sure find this an enlightening talk. 

David. J . Anderson - Neurobiologist at Caltech. Anderson studies emotional behavior. I thought this video would be an interesting one to put on here. He talks about how they have found that insects express emotions and how they have come up with this conclusion through experiments. Anderson states that insects, like ourselves, have dopamine receptors in the brain, how the outcome of these experiments have been astounding, and he discusses how close they are to the real possibility of curing Mental Illness. 

David Brooks - Journalist for The New York Times and Author of The Social Animal - The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievment. Below is a video of recent studies in neuroscience and how emotions play a big part in clear decision making.

Author Randi Kreger speaks about growing up with both parents suffering from personality disorders. One with BPD (her mother). She has written several books on what it was like for her growing up and how to cope living with a loved one with BPD. She also speaks about setting limits for self-care and names ALL of the cluster B Personality Disorders. VERY INSIGHTFUL !!




Bessel van der Kolk, MD - Speaking at Yale University in 2013 on :

 " Childhood Trama, Affect regulation and Borderline Personality Disorder " A very in depth lecture on what is happening in studies on Trama early in life. Both touching base on PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) and BPD due to childhood neglect or severe abuse and why it's important to understand what's happening in the brain and body due to trama.  

Vikram Patel - World travelling doctor of Psychiatry. He has travelled to 3rd world countries all over the globe and talks about the most current statistics related to Mental Illness worldwide. In doing so, not only has he changed his way of practising but he is teaching the world how every nation deserves mental health treatment.  




John Searle -Professor of Philosophy at University of California - Berkeley. Also a biological neurologist. Searle talks very clearly on understanding conciousness and how neuro-scientists (including himself) have been studying conciousness for years. He talks about the different conclusions they have come up with. Searle touches base on his own theories of where it comes from in the body, and also talks about some of the arguments he has had over the years, including the famous "Mind/Body Problem".  





Eric Windeler - Founder of The Jack Project, a program founded in memory of his strong son who passed away from suicide. There are many other disorders that end with suicide and way too many gone unheard of until it's too late. 

Windeler talks of his heartbreakingly sad story, where he is now, statistics on Mental Health In Youth In Canada, and also some really good tips on signs and symptoms to looks for prior to something really bad happening. 

He created The Jack Project to raise awareness of Mental Health issues in our youth and teenage suicide.

There is a conference held every year by 200 leading nationwide students. They come together for two days to come up with new ideas to take back to their hometown highschools on raising Mental Health awareness. 

Dr. Lamont TangCurrently a neuro-scientist working on observing Mental Illness through brain imaging/scans. Tang talks of the actual scientific FACTS behind Mental Illness, points out some misunderstood FACTS that people have about someone with a Mental Illness and talks about how close Mental Illness is to genious. 

Tang talks of famous people in history that have had a Mental Illness, how people with schizophrenia can reach a domain in the brain that normal people cannot, and how they are able to map the brain through images and scans to confirm that the individual does indeed have a Mental Illness and what the brain looks like when a mental illness is present. 

Lastly, in the hopes of reducing the STIGMA surrounding mental illness, Tang talks about "WHY" Mental Illness is such a grey area when it comes to science, and why it's such a complicated subject.


Dr.Daniel Amen -   Psychiatrist and Nuclear Brain Imaging Specialist. Amen has been in practice for 22 years and has done 83,000 brains scans. This talk has been wonderfully executed. Amen talks about the introduction to brain smart programs on patients with different mental disorders, how they actually have confirmed that these patients have some form of brain damage, and even people with behavioral problems, have a very plausible physical explaination. Amen says JUST LOOKING into the brain and seeing what the problem is via. SPECT-CT SCAN, they can greatly restore the brain if not completely cure the ailment. He states, these scans can see things that Psychiatrists can't, and finally he speaks about his own personal experience with a family member who was ill and how this new imaging helped his loved one. 

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