Alternative & Naturopathic Medicine

It's dfficult to explain the difference between Naturolpathy and Alternative Medicine. They are kind of the same thing. It's a means to use relaxation methods without the use of drugs. For those out there that don't care for taking modern pills to manage stress. I have added links to explain each one. Just click on the one you would like to know about. Enjoy !  

Alternative medicines include:

1- Herbs, teas

2- Multi- vitamins

3- Excercise - Tai Chi, Yoga

4- Acupuncture

5- Meditation

6- Spirituality

7- Biofeedback - brain signals

8- Aromatherapy

9- Qigong - chinese technique practicing the alignment of breath, movement, and awareness for excercise, healing and medtitation.

10- Acupressure

11- Homeopathy

12- Massage Therapy

13- Theraputic touch - the manipulation of ones energy field "Aura".

14- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) basically acupuncture without the needles it's dome by tapping certain areas of the body.
   I've done this and its really cool.

15- Bowen Therapy

​16- Hyprfrontality - CT scanning to see images of the brain that are effected.

17- Chromotherapy- Color therapy 

18- Smudging - Removal of negative energy through burning sage 

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