"My BPD? Who am I? Diagnosed 11 years ago.
Sick for the first 4 and healthy for the last 7.
Back then nothing but pain and confusion over
what was happening in my head!"

​I have lived through my days on the dark side and survived the tsunamis of ups and downs. In turn, the aftermath created natural consequences which has required a great deal of rebuilding. It felt as though my heart and my mind were fighting against each other. Me feeling total black and white thinking . Like Spy vs Spy. 

Book after book. Video after video. Group after group on Borderline Personality Disorder. Re-building is
hard work!

Today, I am a very different person. I've embraced my disorder and turned my situation from a negative to a positive. Pure neuroplasicity at its best. 


Finally, my Spys have rested.

If I can do it, you can do it too!

"I think therefore I am"  - Rene Descartes



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Natasha R. Sinclair

Fellow BPD

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